4 Awesome Tech Features Available in Manufactured Homes

It’s common knowledge that smart devices are the new norm in everyday life. There’s a high probability that you’re using one now to read this blog post. With tablets and smartphones gaining popularity, and in some cases becoming necessary in the everyday American lifestyle, we’re stepping up our game when it comes to available upgrades and features in our manufactured homes. Most of our homes can now be equipped to accommodate such devices. Check out my picks for the top 4 tech features Clayton offers:

Built-in Power Strip

Have you ever had a kitchen appliance that was nowhere close to an electrical outlet? Or possibly multiple pieces of technology at your desk with not enough electrical outlets on the closest wall? If the answer is yes, then you know the struggle of having to go out of your way to simply use an outlet. You could resort to a bulky power strip or extension cord, but typically those can get messy and a bunch of jumbled cords isn’t very pleasing to the eye.

If this sounds like a problem you’ve run into then this first feature might be just what you need. These built-in power strips can be added to a number of manufactured home features such as kitchen counters and built-in desk spaces.

Tablet Mount 

This second feature is a game changer when it comes to anything from hosting an event to just general, everyday life. The tablet mount feature allows you to consolidate multiple tech devices into one information hub. From there you can control several of your favorite tech features such as your surround sound stereo, programmable thermostat, blinds and multimedia library from one central location. The tablet mount docks onto the wall in the most trafficked room of your manufactured home for easy access

Keyless Entry

Ever wished that you didn’t have so many keys to keep up with? If you have ever misplaced or lost your house key then you know how frustrating it is not being able to get into your own home. The keyless entry feature offered by Clayton is an easy-to-use number pad that can be installed on any exterior door. This feature can help eliminate the need to carry a house key or keep a hide-a-key which could help make your home safer.

Sliding Barn Doors

Doors aren’t typically considered “tech features,” but these particular doors can change the feel of the room and how you view your home. They can also keep your favorite tech devices hidden when you want them to be. This trendy feature helps you utilize space in your home and looks good while doing it!

Manufactured Home Buying Tips

Carlsbad Manufactured Mobile Homes Desert Home

Manufactured home designs range from the bare basics to top-of-the-line luxury so you can easily find a home that meets your needs and price range. With the right research and knowledge, you can find the best home at the best price, and walk away from the experience with a smile.

The United States Census Bureau calculated the average price per square foot for a manufactured home in to be $41.97.

Compare that to the $86.30 per square foot for a traditional site-built home and you’ll see why the homes are such a great choice.

Buying a manufactured home in Carlsbad is fairly simple, and somewhat similar, to buying a site-built home. One major difference is the fact that you will be going to a dealer instead of a real estate agent.


While looking at homes you will find many options and styles available, know the features you consider most important. Do you need three bedrooms or can you go with two? Will you need the gourmet kitchen upgrade?

The home you ultimately choose should meet most of the features you listed before you visited the first home.


Researching manufactured home floor plans and features online can help you narrow down the homes to a manageable list. Certain features and upgrades can increase the life span of the home and help with resale value such as:

Shingled roofing


Pitched roof

2×6 Framing on 16″ centers

Exterior sheathing

Vinyl siding

Shutoff valves at all water sources

Real wood flooring, as opposed to particle board

Once you have chosen the home, you will need to decide on the transporters, installers, and finishing carpenters. Dealerships will often have one company they use but you should research those companies just as you would any contractor.

Buying a manufactured home is an exciting time for anyone and there are a lot of things you will have to consider. Knowing how the process works and what to expect during the sale can help you make the best buying decision.

Contact the experts at USModular, Inc.  We will guide you in selecting the manufactured home you have been dreaming about!